Asuka Matsubara
Name Asuka Matsubara
Kanji 松原 飛鳥
Rōmanji Matsubara Asuka
Gender Female
Personal Status
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Lv.2-Episode 8
Seiyu Koshimizu Ami

Asuka Matsubara is Ken Sugisaki 's childhood friend and ex-girlfriend.When Ken started dating her, Ringo was unable to accept it and hurt herself.After the incident, Ken and Asuka broke up and remained as friends.


To Ken, Asuka is a evil being who enjoys tormenting him.But to Ringo,she is a sweet elder sister.She is good at cooking and often cooks for the Sugisaki's siblings resulting in both of them being not able to cook.

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