Echo of Death
Name Echo of Death
Kanji 残響死滅
Rōmanji Echo of Death
Gender Male
Age unkown
Personal Status
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume
Anime Debut Episode 4

Echo of Death is a character first created by Shiina Minatsu. Later BL settings were added by Shiina Mafuyu. He is designed to be Ken's brother and lover in her stories. Unknown to them Echo of Death exists in another universe where he can travel to the Seitokai no Ichizon's universe. He is a very powerful existence in his own universe.


After being made to write a novel under Kurimu's whim, Ken starts to wreck his brain over what to write. Minatsu decides to give him some idea where she wrote and created Echo of Death using a very shounen plot. However, Ken rejected the story and Minatsu passes the baton to Mafuyu. Mafuyu immediately adds her favourite BL setting between Ken and Echo of Death.Later she even adds Nakameguro into the settings. This was also rejected by Ken for obvious reason. After this event, there are still a few times where the anime shows Mafuyu drawing Echo of Death with Ken or giving suggestion where Echo of Death is involved.

He was unable to make it in time for the wrap up party in Seitokai no Miyage in which Ken had a faint memory that someone is missing. Echo of Death's reason for being late is explained on the other side of the book cover. 


  • Echo of Death is one of the random things Ken remembers when he lost his memories.
  • His story of trying to get to the party is a parody of shounen scenes where more powerful being keeps popping out after defeating one powerful being.