Hekiyou Academy's student council is a student council where the members are chosen in a way that is not found in many school's. 

Ways to joinEdit

  • A popularity vote will be held.The top 5 will have a chance to enter.
  • The person with the best result will also have a chance
  • If the person who came in fifth and the person with the best result both wants to join,the President will get to choose who he or she wants
  • If the fifth or the person with the best results rejects,it will automatically go to the other one such as in Ken 's case where the person in the fifth place rejected her position(in the anime the fifth is Lilicia and the reason Ken is chosen will be because of the point above).
  • If someone rejects his or her seat,the chance will go to the next person with the highest vote such as Ringo Sugisaki and Satoe Rie who rejectected their seats allowing Hokuto Kagami who came in six to enter.
  • Giving a speech is optional.


The system to choose members of the student council had not always been the same.The history was revealed when Ken and Chizuru found a diary belonging to the first president chosen by this system ten years before the main series.The system was proposed by Amamiya Reiichi with Yukiumi Kisaki suggesting the blue chip seat.

Most of those who wins the popularity votes are girls. As noted by Ken,the popular boys are hated by the other boys so they will not recieve as much votes as the girls.

Known MembersEdit

31st Student CouncilEdit

  • President-Rin Himetsubakiri
  • Vice President-Kurimu Sakurano
  • Vice President-Chizuru Akaba
  • Secretary-Sayoko Momotsuki
  • Treasurer-Minatsu Shiina

32nd Student CouncilEdit

33rd Student CouncilEdit

Voting ResultsEdit

33rd Student CouncilEdit

  1. Tsukushi Saionji
  2. Touko Hinomori
  3. Ken Sugisaki
  4. Ringo Sugisaki
  5. Satoe Rie
  6. Hokuto Kagami


  • The blue chip seat was created with no particular reason by Kisaki Yukiumi