Ringo Sugisaki
Name Ringo Sugisaki
Kanji 杉崎 林檎
Rōmanji Sugisaki Ringo
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relative(s) Ken Sugisaki
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Seitokai no Happo
Anime Debut Holy War
Seiyu Madoka Yonezawa
Ringo Sugisaki is Ken Sugisaki's step-sister with no blood relation.She has a huge crush on Ken which drove her to self harm when Ken dated Asuka .Despite the incident, Ringo and Asuka remained close.


Ringo is a very pure and innocent girl.She has a habit of refering to herself by her own name.Ringo is also the same age as Mafuyu and the two had a lot in common in their personality which Mafuyu noted herself.Her vocabulary is messed up by Asuka causing her to use many mean words without her knowing what they really mean.


Ringo first appears when Ken could not find the code to his game.

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