Satori Magiru
Name Satori Magiru
Kanji 真儀瑠 紗鳥
Rōmanji Magiru Satori
Gender Female
Personal Status
Position Advisor
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Seitokai no Futagokoro
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Kosuge Mami
Satori Magiru is the Advisor of the 32nd and 33rd Student Council.She is hired by the 'Enterprise' in the light novel.Satori is also a character in the author's previous work,'Material Ghost'.


When Satori first appeared in the Student Council,she appears to be a formidable opponent to even Chizuru Akaba .However,as the series progresses,she begin to lose her power and was looked down by the other Student Council Members.Satori is a glutton and can be often seen eating something that she even once had a stomachache from over eating.