Seitokai no Gosai
The Student Council's Strike
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Cover Character

Ken Sugisaki

First Published

25 April 2009

Previous Volume

Seitokai no Shisan

Next Volume

Seitokai no Rikka

Seitokai no Gosai is the fifth volume in the main light novel series.


  • The Hidden Prolouge
  • Chapter 1~The Student Council with Personality~
  • Chapter 2~The Profitable Student Council~
  • Chapter 3~The Jealous Student Council~
  • Male Vice President
  • Chapter 4~The Dueling Student Council~
  • Chapter 5~The Tears Rolling Student Council~
  • Chapter 6~The Helping Student Council~
  • Chapter 7~The Student Council's Preview~
  • The Most Final Chapter~Leaving Paradise~
  • The Final Chapter
  • The Real Final Chapter

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