Seitokai no Futagokoro
The Student Council's Treachery
Volume 2

Previous Volume

Seitokai no Ichizon(light novel)

Next Volume

Seitokai no Sanshin

Seitokai no Futagokoro or The Student Council's Treachery is the name of Volume 2 of the Seitokai no Ichizon Light Novel Series.


  • The Prologue That Couldn't Have Existed
  • Chapter 1:The Adventurous Student Council
  • Chapter 2:The Introspection of the Student Council
  • Chapter 3:The Interactions in the Student Council
  • Chapter 4:The Resting Student Council
  • Chapter 5:The Hardworking Student Council
  • Chapter 6:The Indecisive Student Council
  • Last Chapter: My Student Council
  • The Epilogue That Couldn't Have Existed
  • Extra Chapter: The Serialized Student Council
  • Afterword

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