Seitokai no Shisan
The Student Council's Diaspora
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Seitokai no Sanshin

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Seitokai no Gosai

Seitokai no Shisan is the fourth volume of the main Seitokai no Ichizon series.


  • The Prolouge that Got Hidden
  • Chapter 1:The Reading Student Council
  • Chapter 2:The Predicting Student Council
  • Chapter 3:The Scoops in Student Council
  • Chapter 4:The Revenge of the Student Council
  • Mysterious Draft
  • Chapter 5:The Guiding Student Council
  • Chapter 6:The Noisy Student Council
  • Final Chapter:The Student Council that is Moving Forward
  • Extra:The Trendy Student Council
  • The Final Chapter that Got Hidden

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